"Computer-Aided Diagnosis systems (CADx) are programs that aid doctors/healthcare professionals in processing and interpretation medical images. Medical Images, like X-Ray scans, CT scans, Stained Blood slides, etc., can yield much crucial information that can contribute significantly to a diagnosis upon being analyzed by a healthcare medical professional. This analysis often takes much time when done manually, and due to a shortage of time, second verification by another medical professional is not always possible. Considering this problem, we propose Zyik.ml, a web application/platform hosted on the Cloud comprising various CADx systems for diseases and conditions like Skin Cancer, Malaria, ACL Tears, and to examine Chest X-rays for Pneumonia and other significant conditions. It aims to provide help, aid healthcare professionals in faster and accurate diagnosis of various diseases. In a realistic scenario, our platform can analyze the medical images, which can then be verified by a medical professional. They can add more details to the same; this will ensure faster and accurate judgment and preserve the human touch. Our CADx systems utilize a Deep learning Engine consisting of CNNs, a class of Deep Learning algorithms. They have been proven to be among the best algorithms for feature extraction and pattern recognition and provide SOTA performance."