Computer Aided Diagnostic System for Skin Cancer

Artificial intelligence based solution for detection of Skin Cancer in a patient.

About Skin Cancer

The abnormal growth of skin cells — most often develops on skin exposed to the sun. But this common form of cancer can also occur on areas of your skin not ordinarily exposed to sunlight. There are three major types of skin cancer — basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.

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Skin Cancer Statistics

Currently, between 2 and 3 million non-melanoma skin cancers and 132,000 melanoma skin cancers occur globally each year. One in every three cancers diagnosed is a skin cancer and, according to Skin Cancer Foundation Statistics, one in every five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.
The reported incidence of skin cancer in India is less than 1% of all the cancers

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Our Work

We have developed a lightweight Computer Aided Diagnostic System with an aim of easing the weary task of detection of Skin Cancer and to enable practical use of our model in remote and rural areas where high computation power and network maybe deficient.

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